Semen Sales

British White Cattle Semen for Sale

We specialize in British White Cattle Genetics that are suited for Grass Based beef cattle operations. Through the years our number one herd sire has been a bull we call Progress. Even though Progress has been gone for some time we still have semen available for sale and continue to use him in our breeding program.

Are you looking for good grass based genetics?

Are you wanting to raise beef instead of bone?

Would you like to offer the consumer delicious, top quality meat with all the health advantages of being finished on grass?

Cave Creek Ranch would like to invite you to consider using the genetics of our Progress bull in your cow herd. We feel that Progress is one of the finest animals ever produced by the British White herd of Tom Zimmerman, at Des Moines, Iowa. Tom had the simple rule of breeding the best to the best, and Progress is a culmination of his tireless sticking to that rule.

British White Bull TR Progress

Progress was an extremely docile bull. Shown above with our youngest daughter, Mara.

Progress’s gene pool is very tight. His traits are indelibly stamped in his makeup and so are very dominant. We used him here at the ranch for many years and are amazed at how much his calves look like their sire. Progress has retired but we still have semen for sale.

Progress is a frame score four, not tall and leggy, but compact and beefy. He was not bred for the show ring, but for the dinner plate. Many of his calves, born here on the ranch have been finished on grass and have done extremely well.

We feel the Progress genetics are ideal for improving the beef production of any cow herd.

Progress British White Bull

Progress in Winter Condition

Please call us at 605-788-2983. We do not have email at the ranch.

Jonathan Wiechmann, Cave Creek Ranch, 19027 Bald Butte Rd., Shadehill, SD 57638 – 605-788-2983

Please call for more information on Progress and other bulls with semen available. Several are sons of Progress and carry on their sire’s traits.